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Winna Media founder & CEO, Rosalind Wade, has been in the business events industry for almost 30 years, and gaming events for 15 of those.


She has created and run many of the long-standing events for the Asia Pacific gaming industry and has held conferences in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, The Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia and Australia.


Rosalind’s enviable network together with her background in publishing and events means she has her finger on the pulse and is well-placed to make meaningful connections for her clients.


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"When you first meet Rosalind, you will be struck by both her professionalism and her unparalleled knowledge of the Asian gaming landscape, its dynamics, and its movers and shakers. Rosalind has a wide skill base, and her smarts, candour and diplomacy are deeply respected in the gaming community. She has placed virgin footsteps in the desert sand and pioneered some of the most important and influential gaming events in Asia; events that are exciting, bespoke and provide an opportunity for crucial learning and networking in a region that is often challenging to navigate. Rosalind Wade is a loyal professional who can be trusted to support you in today’s global business environment."

David CarruthersDavid CarruthersCEO - David Carruthers Consulting Limited

"Ros is a highly experienced and well connected event manager and marketing professional, particularly in relation to gambling in the Asia Pacific region. I have participated in a number of events Ros has organised initially as an attendee and then later as a speaker. It was the professionalism in which the events were conducted and the expert range of speakers that she was able to co-op that led me later to accept speaking invitations to participate in her events. She has her figures on the pulse on new and emerging gambling trends and issues. Ros is able to find expert speakers, innovators and entrepreneurs to excite, challenge and stimulate thought in event participants.

She is cognisant of industry dynamics and the roles and sensitivities surrounding regulators, government, operators, suppliers, advertisers and sponsors. Ros is an excellent team leader and a collaborator. She is a person of integrity and respectful to all who come in contact with her

Linda Woo  Linda Woo  Specialist Consultant - Dept. of Justice, Australia

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